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Sanders and Bloomberg exchange blows as Democratic race heats upThe gloves continue to come off in the race for the Democratic nomination, with Bernie Sanders attacking the billionaire former New York City mayor?s record on race, and Bloomberg taking a swipe at the Vermont senator and his fervent supporters.

Airlines, officials trace path of couple diagnosed with coronavirus that flew from HawaiiDelta and Hawaiian AIrlines are working with the CDC to trace the path of a couple who were diagnosed with coronavirus after returningáfrom Hawaii.

German far right arrests reveal 'shocking' mosque attack plotMembers of a German extreme right group arrested last week were believed to have been plotting "shocking" large-scale attacks on mosques similar to the ones carried out in New Zealand last year, a government spokesman said Monday. Officials said that investigations into 12 men detained in police raids across Germany Friday had indicated they planned major attacks, following media reports over the weekend the group aimed to launch several simultaneous mass-casualty assaults on Muslims during prayers. "It's shocking what has been revealed here, that there are cells here that appear to have become radicalised in such a short space of time," interior ministry spokesman Bjoern Gruenewaelder told reporters at a Berlin press conference.

Video captures dramatic moment a landslide crumbles a Tennessee homeAn angry landslide in Tennessee ripped through Hardin County, Tennessee, on Saturday and Sunday, shredding a pair of homes in its path. The two homes were previously in danger of collapsing before heavy rain triggered the landslide that swept the large residences into the Tennessee River.Both homes, located just north of Savannah, were unoccupied at the time of collapse, although one was still being actively lived in. According to Hardin County Fire officials, the occupied home was evacuated on Saturday night, about an hour before the landslide destroyed the vacant residence. On Sunday afternoon, the second home was also swept away, officials reported. Footage shows one of the homes succumbing to raging landslide. (Facebook / Hardin County Fire) Drone photos taken later in the day depicted the widespread swath of destruction the landslide left in its wake.AccuWeather Meteorologist Isaac Longley said a winter full of numerous storm systems is to blame for the destruction that unfolded this past weekend."There have been numerous storm systems to track up the Mississippi and Tennessee River valleys this winter, bringing copious amounts of rainfall to the region," Longley said. "With an abundance of moisture to tap into from the Gulf of Mexico, these storms have brought rounds of heavy rain to parts of Tennessee."One part, in particular, is the city of Savannah. Longley added rainfall totals this winter are up 200 percent higher than the area's historical average. In recent weeks, that heavy rain left soil waterlogged and has led to flooding and landslides. Aerial footage captured the destruction in the aftermath of the landslide. (Facebook / Hardin County Fire) According to the National Weather Service (NWS), at its most flooded point, the Tennessee River crested at 388.72 feet just north of Savannah early Sunday morning, which ranks as the 14th most historic crest for the country's 12th longest river.Footage of the now-destroyed homes, located on Glendale Road, emerged on Facebook by way of video shared by the fire department. Glendale Road has remained closed for safety precautions. In other videos of the region shared by the department, widespread flooding has inundated the region through Sunday and Monday.According to Longley, conditions are expected to remain dangerously wet for the near future."Unfortunately, wet weather will continue to affect these areas as another system will bring rain and potentially some heavier thunderstorms to the lower Mississippi and Tennessee valleys through the middle part of the week."

This Is Iran's Deadliest Missile (And It Could Someday Carry a Nuclear Weapon)Iranian media have broadcast the first-ever footage of an operational Sejjil medium-range rocket in its underground bunker.

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- 14 times the Countess of Wessex has wowed in a tiara
- Meghan Markle's been spotted wearing a pair of shoes made from water bottles
- Who is David Armstrong-Jones? Everything you need to know about Princess Margaret's son
- White House Farm star Cressida Bonas celebrates 31st birthday - see fiancÚ's sweet post
- Inquest into Caroline Flack's death to open this week after presenter's tragic death
- Karen Hauer shares her 5-minute workout you can do at home - watch video
- Patsy Palmer reveals 'meditation has changed my life' in candid Instagram post
- Simon Cowell reveals health fears for son Eric in rare interview about family life

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Movie News

No Time To Die star Ana de Armas: Bond girls have always been unrelatable
The actress will star opposite Daniel Craig in the upcoming instalment in the spy franchise.
Steve Coogan: Celebrities who endorse unethical retailers should be accountable
The actor said there is a collusion of vested interests.
'Star Wars' icon Harrison Ford doesn't know what a Force Ghost is and doesn't much care
You'd think that having been in a fair few of the movies, Harrison Ford might have a passing knowledge of Star Wars lore.
Constance Wu made $600 in a night stripping while researching her role in 'Hustlers'
While Jennifer Lopez trained with one of Cirque du Soliel to learn to pole dance for the movie Hustlers, her co-star Contance Wu went one step further.
Colin Firth and Dame Julie Walters star in new Secret Garden Trailer
The film is the new adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic book.
First look at new baby dinosaur from 'Jurassic World 3'
It appears that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow has taken a leaf out of The Mandalorian's book.
Has Vicky McClure dropped a big hint about Fleming's story in Line of Duty season 6?
First look images from filming have been released
Stamps to celebrate James Bond films ahead of new movie
The 10 stamps feature actors who have played 007 and some of their vehicles.
Rose McGowan says she regrets her post-Oscars spat with Natalie Portman
Rose McGowan has said that she regrets going after Natalie Portman and her political statement at the Oscars.
Cate Blanchett brings the glamour at Kelly Gang film premiere
The film tells the story of Australian bushranger Ned Kelly.
This new deepfake of 'Back To The Future' with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr is terrifying
There's a new deepfake doing the rounds on YouTube, and while previous face-swapping efforts have been unsettling, this one is borderline disturbing.
First look trailer finally released for Killing Eve season 3
We at last have an air date for the upcoming series
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