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'Boogaloo' arrests in Nevada portray extremists using protests to incite civil war Two men charged with conspiring to incite violence and civil unrest at protests over the killing of George Floyd previously sought to do the same thing at protests against coronavirus lockdowns, federal prosecutors say.

Tired of troops on the streets, Washington, D.C., names 'Black Lives Matter Plaza' outside the White HouseMayor Muriel Bowser announced the change Friday morning, but a local Black Lives Matter group called it "a performative distraction."

'Utterly disgraceful': New York police officers suspended after viral video shows them shoving 75-year-old man to groundA man is in the hospital with a serious head injury after a viral video showed two Buffalo police officers shoving him to the ground.

Deception at D-Day: How Fake Armies, False Radio Traffic and Even Rubber Tanks Helped Fool HitlerOn June 6, 1944, the Allies mounted the largest amphibious invasion in military history? it was D-Day and some 156,000 Allied soldiers landed in Normandy, France beginning the liberation of Western Europe. However, in the days and weeks that followed the German military ? including their leader Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler ? believed the landings at Normandy were merely a feint, a deception with the real invasion still to come at Pas de Calais.

Denver police fire pepper balls at man yelling that his pregnant fiancée is in car?Honestly I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to be the next black man shot by police,? the man said.

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- Duchess Kate?s Aspinal bag is on sale and yes, we?re extremely tempted too
- Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson put luxury Swiss chalet on the market for £18.3million
- Kate Garraway reveals heartbreaking way son Billy is coping with Derek's illness as they wait for news on his recovery
- Stacey Solomon reveals parenting struggle that's keeping her up at night
- Phillip Schofield's family get royal makeover - with tiaras included
- Nadia Sawalha reveals she's been feeling ill as she shares emotional video from bed
- Fern Britton reveals she feels liberated following separation from husband Phil Vickery
- Eamonn Holmes responds to Celebrity Gogglebox after they apologise for 'cruel edit'

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Movie News

The best films on TV today: Sunday, 7 June
Settle down on the sofa and enjoy Oscar-winning dramas, bittersweet coming of age tales, kiwi comedies and bona fide blockbusters
Spike Lee encouraged by the current Black Lives Matter protests
Spike Lee is encouraged by the recent Black Lives Matter protests across America, even though he says the entire country is in turmoil. 
Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best would return to 'Star Wars'
Ahmed Best opens up about his long and complex history as Jar Jar Binks, admitting that he'd still be up to playing the character again.
Andy Serkis was told not to play Gollum in 'Lord Of The Rings'
Andy Serkis almost turned down the role of Gollum in Lord Of The Rings, after one of his co-stars told him it wouldn?t be worth his time. 
Josh Trank regrets not quitting 'Fantastic Four' after Fox refused to cast a black Sue Storm
Fantastic Four director Josh Trank says he should have quit the blockbuster when Fox didn't allow him to cast a black Sue Storm.
The best films on TV today: Saturday, 6 June
Saturday is always a busy day on TV for movies, so let us be your guide.
HBO Max chief says releasing the Snyder Cut does not set a dangerous precedent
HBO Max chief Tony Goncalves says Warner Bros? decision to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League does not set a precedent. 
Why The Matrix's Lilly Wachowski walked away from Hollywood
She said she had lost interest in the creative process. 
Edward James Olmos criticises Ben Affleck for playing Mexican-American hero in 'Argo'
The actor called out Affleck for playing a Mexican-American hero. 
Cate Blanchett suffered chainsaw accident during lockdown
Oscar winning actor Cate Blanchett cut her head with a chainsaw during quarantine, but she insists it was only a little nick.
'Dune' cinematographer says first movie is 'a fully standalone epic'
The first part of Denis Villeneuve's upcoming sci-fi epic will stand on its own two feet.
Sam Mendes urges streaming services to use 'COVID-19 windfall' to keep theatres alive
Stage and screen director Sir Sam Mendes thinks streamers such as Netflix and Amazon should dip into their pockets to keep the arts alive.
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