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Car insurance... zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Still awake?! It's not exactly exciting and thankfully it only comes around once a year but it's got to be done. Well a couple of us in the office have recently had the pleasure and thought it would be useful to explore it further and share our experiences here. We undertook a quick straw poll, received a bunch of quotes and finally picked our top four car insurance companies in the hope it may help some of you. Before I go any further, one of the choices is just for the ladies but you may find, as we did, the cheapest insurers generally cover both boys and girls...

Kwik Fit.co.uk
Well let’s just go straight in at the deep end… Kwit Fit?!  To coin an all too American phrase, Kwik Fit car insurance is a bit of a “curve ball”.   Everyone knows you can’t get quicker than a Kwik Fit fitter but to be honest we found you can’t get cheaper than a Kwick Fit car insurance!  Ok, this wasn’t for everyone and was car/person dependant (this appears to be the hallmark of car insurance in general) but for most of us the Kwik Fit boys fitted us up good and proper with our insurance.  A little more research confirmed their reputation as one of the cheapest in the UK… I honestly don’t think many people know this so if it works for you then the last few hours have been worth it after all. A couple of little extra details, you can get up to 20% discount online and you’ll get 10% off at any Kwik Fit centre coupled with a free MOT… it’s almost starting to make sense!!

Get a quote at Kwik Fit.co.uk >>
Sheilas Wheels.com
Sheilas Wheels, alright me ol’ cobber!  Geees, they have even made it onto YouTube with that hit parade tune! Yeh, ok it’s a bit marmite but all that fluff brings us straight to the point, do women make better driv… (cue argument in the office), ok well for the purpose of this article Sheila'sWheels say they do and based on this they’ll take less of your fivers, great!  Is it true? Hmmmm, well our wholly scientific poll found that 50% of women i.e. 2/4 got their best quotations with the bonzer girls.

Get a quote at Sheilas Wheels.com >>
Norwich Union Direct.com
Certainly one of the top 5 heavyweights in car insurance, we found Norwich Union Direct provide a fantastic package with very competitive premiums. They have recently introduced "Pay As You Drive" which offers young drivers or low mileage users a very cost effective insurance deal, we can see this becoming very popular. NorwichUinon Direct traditional cover now incorporates multi-car discounts, great for families or weekend toys. Named drivers can also earn their own no claims discount which will help many young drivers move to their own policy when buying a first car. Of course there is the obligatory 10% discount if you buy online and you can also get a guaranteed no claims discount for the life of your policy. Thumbs up for NUDirect.com!

Get a quote at Norwich Union Direct.com >>
It should probably come as no surprise that Tesco Insurance features in our poll. Nobody does value for money like the supermarkets and of course Tesco is the daddy of them all. They offer multi-car discounts, 30-50% off for existing named drivers looking to take out their own policy and if you like your "no frills" purchases, then see what their Value car insurance can do fo you by cutting out all the extras. Of course like most insurers, if you apply online then you will get an extra 10% off there and then... every little helps.

Get a quote at TescoCarInsurance.co.uk >>

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