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A few years ago the government decided to open up the utilities market for competition. Now this certainly did bring about a competitive frenzy with your gas provider now offering electricity and vice versa. Unfortunately regulation was a bit lacking and at the time it didn't feel like you could go to the supermarket or even sit down in your own home and have a cuppa, without some "friendly" salesperson trying to switch your gas, electricty or telephone! Well thankfully things have moved on and sharp practices are no longer tolerated by consumers or the industry regulators. Of course the deals are still out there so switching to a different provider still makes sense and can help save you a £££s year on year. Once again the internet proves itself as the medium of the 21st century with two fantastic websites making it very easy to compare and switch at the click of a mouse...

u Switch.co.uk
Switching suppliers needs to do three core things 1. Save you money 2. Keep the service the same or better 3. Switch without a headache!  Thankfully u Switch.co.uk helps to make this a reality by doing all the groundwork for you.  They concentrate on ten main utilities and services:

  1. Energy – gas & electricity
  2. Home Phone
  3. Broadband
  4. Digital TV
  5. Water
  6. Heating Cover
  7. Credit Cards
  8. Personal Loans
  9. Current Accounts
  10. Secured Loans

U switch.co.uk provide a clear and easy to navigate interface.  Their system incorporates calculators and search facilities, which help filter the best deals available on a daily basis.  It has to be said that saving money is key and according to their published results between April & June ’07, u Switch helped 22% of car insurance customers save a minimum of £150, at least 15% of phone customers £200 and no less than 12.3% of dual fuel energy customers an amazing £325. It costs you nothing so it’s really a win-win situation as you may find out you have the best deal after all!

Compare at U Switch.co.uk >>

Money Supermarket.co.uk
Well their slogan says it all, “The price comparison site”. It’s that simple, compare different suppliers and pick the one that suits you i.e. the cheapest.  The gas in your pipes won’t change and neither will the water you drink, it’s simply about getting the best deal for the same product. Money Supermarket.co.uk specialise in a growing list of services:

  1. Utilities – gas & electricity
  2. Insurance – car, home, life & travel
  3. Money – credit cards, mortgages & loans
  4. Broadband
  5. Phones – mobile & land lines
  6. Motoring – car prices, breakdown cover, leasing plans (pcp)
  7. Travel – flights, hotels, holidays and car hire
  8. Shopping – electrical, white goods and other consumer goods
It's a simple process, using their new dedicated compareandbuy.com website which caters purely for the core products of gas, electricity and finance. Input your details and requirements, click enter and you'll be presented with the best deals and value for money. Once you are happy, instigate the switchover online and before you know it the only thing that will have changed is the size of your bill!

Compare at Money Supermarket.co.uk >>


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