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So, where can you find that perfect Mr or Mrs Right? It's not easy we know!! Then again, it has actually never been easier to meet so many new people, you just need to know where to look. If you have already exhausted all the usual avenues i.e. work, friends etc. then try broadening your reach with I'm A Celebrity's online dating hotspots...

1. FriendsReunited Dating.com
Well it may not be an obvious dating venue but the results speak for themselves. Every year 1000s of people reunite with long lost friends, old flames, school crushes... it's a funny old world but you just never know who or what's around the corner. Friends Reunited have now made this process even easier with their very own online dating service!
Gala Bingo 2. Speed Dating
Well we all know first impressions count, with speed dating you get to make quite a few! You could say it's a numbers game but this is the real boon of speed dating. If you haven't tried it before then rest assured speed dating is all about having fun with never a dull moment or lull in conversation, you haven't got time!
3. Online Dating
Traditional online dating, yes it's true, the internet really is that old now! The trick to online dating these days is knowing the good from the bad given the extensive number of sites available. It's hard enough finding the right person without suffering a phantom dating site... don't waste your time.

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